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Will I be able to tell where the new paint is?  Will my color match the old finish?

Common questions when customers drop their car off and concern insurance customers typically have.

Although they understand their car has been damaged, they really don't want to be reminded of it, every time they get out of or into it by seeing panels that don't match.

Ideally, customers should not be able to tell if their car has been damaged, the paint should match regardless of the angle they look at it.  Not just color but texture also (we will take more about texture later).  That’s the goal of our shop, just because the car has been damaged, doesn't mean it should look as if its been damaged.

Color matching is an art, blending colors to ensure match is a skill of the trade, then end result is no one can tell.

Metallic colors used to be the hardest to match, the old days of paint, automotive paint companies actually used an aluminum flake to give the paint sparkle, today’s paints uses a Ceramic flake for durability.  Aluminum corrodes and gets darker as it oxidizes, thereby changing the color.  It’s fine for a car that ages all over, but what happens if you paint the fender with fresh new paint?  It doesn't match.  That’s why paint companies now manufacture color with the ceramic flake instead of actual metals.

To guarantee color match, body shops have to blend a panel.  Blending the color, layering its transparency towards the old paint and then clear coating the entire panel, will prevent panel to panel differences in color, even though there may be a slight difference, you will never see it because the panel to panel comparison has no color, only clear.

Insurance companies have learned, it’s better to pay extra to blend for color match, than to have an angry policy holder.

Rather than getting too deep into the specifics about color matching a body shop repaired car, lets just leave it at “we guarantee it” when we blend panels.

For more information, ask one of our Estimators for more information about color match during your consultation and the estimating process.

Color Matching Your Paint