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Capital City Collision Shop is the preferred body shop and collision repair center for:  Leith Maserati, Leith Euro, Chris Leith Chevrolet, Leith Mitsubishi, KIA and Dodge.  From Fords to Ferraris, we are the wise choice for Raleigh's Exotics and the all important Grocery getters.

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“From Ford’s to Ferrari’s We Take Great Pride in Our Work”

Submit photos or pdf files and claim # to help us understand the nature of your repair requirements.



7233 Becky Circle
Raleigh, NC. 27615

Office:  919.876.6908
    Fax:  919.876.6861
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You take a car apart enough times, you can do it in your sleep, putting it back together is the same way, putting it back together the way the factory specified, comes with many years experience and the desire for perfection.

We specialize in Exotics and have many years experience with them, that makes us the clear choice for your Maserati, Porsche and Ferrari.

Do you really want to take your exotic car to a run of the mill body shop? Or do you want to take your exotic to someone who has years of collision repair experience for the car you drive.

Even the Insurance companies don't understand the complexities of these cars, they can’t be treated the same.

Because we have this level of experience, we understand what your Insurance Company needs to know about handling these types of cars.

Do you really want Aftermarket parts?, You can demand OEM parts for your Maserati, Porsche and Ferrari.  We just cant understand why someone would want parts made by someone who didn't make the car, using different molds for fenders, doors and quarters.

Choosing a shop who specializes is a smart move, choosing Capital City Collision Shop is Genius.

Why Choose a Specialist?